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Helping your dog thrive

At ALPHAVET we believe that the secret is in variety, we believe less is more. Give your pup a optimal development, let it shine.

ALPHAVET, is 100% natural prey model dog food, provides optimal and real nutrition, allowing our dogs to thrive and develop a healthy and long-lived life.

Made with the highest quality ingredients, always locally and responsibly produced; a guarantee that you will get a 100% fresh produce.

We switch ingredients among the seasons, giving your dog access to a wider range of nutrients. For cold weathers, we use heavier proteins and more complex carbs; in warm seasons we use cooler and neutral meats.


  • Reduces allergies and skin irritation.

  • Oral health.

  • Shiny coat, bye hairs on furniture.

  • Goodbye overweight.

  • Improves digestion (gastritis and colitis).

  • Improve behavior and mood.

  • Noticeably improves mobility.

  • Higher stamina and better energy.